Stranded Deep Preview 0.16.h1

A game available for Windows that simulates the experience of being shipwrecked on a deserted island

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    Preview 0.16.h1

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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If your plane fell out of the sky in the Pacific Ocean, how would you survive? Could you survive the man-eating sharks and starvation? After you watch the introduction, you discover you have been marooned on a tiny desert island. Other survival games have you crafting and creating objects from another window, but Stranded Deep uses a different approach. If you want to spear fish with a harpoon, you will need to collect sticks, the rope, and the rocks while sitting near the shore. It has a more realistic feel to it than using a crafting window. After you have built a harpoon; however, you will not stagnate.

Resources Propel Your Mission Forward

The quest for resources will drive you to each island in an ultimate search of survival. As you move across the water, you will be exposed to deadly sharks from below. Swimming is not recommended and throughout Stranded Deep, sharks will become your arch-nemesis. Even on a raft, you might believe you are safe, but unfortunately, a lot of the resources will only be found underwater in the sunken ships. The next underwater nightmare might leap from the undersea shadows from anywhere. The biggest obstacle holding Stranded Deep back is how little content they offer. This is an early-access game, and the developers need to offer more to do. Islands, oceans, and sharks are a spark to the giant fire it could become, but it needs more.

Innovative? Probably Not

A survival crafting game compels a certain type of person. Unfortunately, Stranded Deep fails to offer much in the way of new content. Everything feels like you are rehashing the old formula, and it doesn't feel much different from other survival games like, "The Forest" or "Ship Wreck Simulator." Also, the game suffers from a real need for greater outside dangers. Granted, you have the sharks, but if you're on land, there isn't much to threaten your life outside hunger, health, and thirst.

Cooking: A Complex Skill

Even after you cook fire over the campfire a dozen times, the length of time doesn't become obvious. When you let the sizzling sounds recycle and play over and over, sometimes the crab does not cook, and you can get sick eating raw fish. The game lacks actual punishment for eating raw food, however. You can eat raw food, and while you might become sick and vomit, that's the extent of your danger—virtual food poisoning. You're not going to die, which seems like a strange choice the game designers chose not to add a real challenge into the game.

The graphics in Stranded Deep are stunning, and they become one of the reasons to check it out. Outside the graphics; however, hopefully more content will be added to buff up the game itself.


  • Fantastic graphics
  • The need for resources keeps you hopping islands


  • The game suffers from a lack of content
  • Needs more challenges and more threats to keep it interesting

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